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Solar Showroom

Altec Solar has a unique demonstration site at it's Eco Hub in Limavady where there is a variety of solar panels providing the showroom’s electricity needs and an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) providing the showroom’s heating needs.

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Altec Solar Hub in Limavady

Solar panels installed at our Eco Hub showroom

Unique Altec Solar Facility

The Hub is, we believe, a unique facility in that we are monitoring the performance of the site and the different systems on a monthly basis. Not only do we have panels from 7 different manufacturers from Europe, China and beyond, we also have different mounting systems (roof, wall and ground mounted panels), all of which are monitored closely for output against yield expectation. As an independent Solar PV installer, we can pick the panel which is performing best in real life Northern Ireland weather – not a datasheet!

By installing our system you can be confident that you are getting maximum yield as all our components are tried and tested in our local climate.

We encourage anyone considering solar PV to visit our solar showroom and to see first-hand the unique facility that we have.

Solar panels mounted on a roof

Our Solar Panel Test

We have a total of 14 panels on our roof, 2 (of the same models) from each of the 7 manufacturers. All the panels are 250w and were current models at the time of installation (Nov 2012). All 14 panels were installed on the same day to make it a fair test.

We use cutting-edge solar PV technology to monitor each panel individually. This allows us to continuously compare the output of the various brands against yield expectations.

To summarise, all 14 panels are the same size (250w), installed on the one roof with the same pitch & orientation and they were all installed on the same day – this creates a completely fair test.

The Encouraging Results Highlighting The Advantages of Solar Panels

From our solar energy panel test the Eco Hub:

  • shows that there is a wide range of performance across the various panels, with as much as 10% performance difference in the best performing and worst performing panels.
  • demonstrates over the 20 year lifetime of the panels, that our panels can return up to 2 years more electricity than lesser quality panels.
  • illustrates this level of performance not only accelerates the return on investment, but also provides more energy for use on site or re-sale to the grid.
  • allows us to monitor, compare and contrast the performance of individual panel manufacturers in real life conditions.

In conclusion to our findings:

From the research that we carried out on our solar panels we are making an income of £1,050 from the panels which is guaranteed for 20 years. In addition to the annual income we, are saving from our electricity bill and using the free solar electricity to run our Air Source Heat Pump.

For more details on savings

We have set out typical figures for savings that particular sectors could make by using PV panels. To learn more about the typical savings for your sector or for information on the benefits of solar panels click here. Alternatively fill in our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 28 7777 8177 for a review of how much you could save by using renewable energy.

Altec Solar industry leading solar panels

Solar pv panels

The ECO Hub Case Study – Innovative Construction

The Challenge

Our previous office (an industrial unit) was difficult and expensive to heat. With soaring costs we wanted to take control of our energy expenditure. This involved renovating a 1940's brick building to create a self-sufficient, Carbon Neutral office.

We consulted with sustainability engineers to come up with a solution that would not only minimise our overheads but earn us money whilst making us more competitive in our marketplace.

Solar Hub

The Solution

Building Fabric

  • Created a cavity & insulated walls internally
  • Installed insulated roof panels & roof lights for solar gain
  • Installed Triple Glazed Windows
  • Insulated first floor

Renewable Technology

  • Installed roof mounted, wall mounted & ground mounted solar PV panels
  • Installed underfloor heating & screed board
  • Installed Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

The solar PV and air source heat pump compliment each other greatly. The free electricity generated from the solar panels is used to run the heat pump which in turn heats the office and provides hot water.

In short our overheads have been significantly reduced due to the innovative construction methods and cutting edge renewable technologies. In addition to saving money, we are now generating a guaranteed 20 year income through the NIROC and NI RHI (NI Renewable Heat Incentive) schemes.

Eco Hub Pictures

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