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Solar photovoltaic panels

What are solar photovoltaic panels?

PV Solar panels capture energy from daylight and convert it into electricity which can be used to power and heat your home or business. Our mild climate in Northern Ireland is ideal as we have good light levels for a large part of the year, so even when it's overcast, your solar panels will be producing clean electricity to help power your home or business

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are made up of a collection small solar cells which are spread over a large panel area and combined together to produce power. These cells are small discs of semiconductors similar to silicon. As light hits the semiconductor, it is converted into electricity which passes through the circuit attached to the solar cells. 

The volume of power produced depends on the amount of light that makes contacts with the cell. For example, spacecraft technology functions by pointing directly at the sun because they are designed using solar panel sheets.

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The Benefits:

You can generate your own clean, green electricity from solar photovoltaic panels. As well as the financial benefits, a Solar PV installation will provide you with free electricity for more than 25 years. It will limit the impact against any future increases in electricity costs, lessen your carbon footprint, increase your green credentials and add significantly to the value of your property.

Solar Panels Northern Ireland

Our PV Panel Warranty

  • 25 year performance warranty
  • 10 year material & workmanship warranty
  • Inverter 5 or 12 year warranty as standard (Extensions available)
  • Altec 10 year installation & workmanship insurance-backed warranty
  • Fixings 10/12 year defects warranty

Offering A High Quality service

  • Our dedicated design team will ensure your PV system is designed to suit your needs and maximise your return.
  • The friendly and knowledgeable Altec team of highly qualified roofing and electrical technicians will give you peace of mind that your solar PV installation will be carried out to the highest standards.
  • We make the process of installing photovoltaic panels as simple as possible for you and we back this up with a 10 year fully comprehensive insurance-backed warranty.

Why Choose ALTEC?

  • All work is carried out by our own team; no sub-contracting therefore quality workmanship guaranteed.
  • Each installation is unique and will be designed to your requirements by our own engineers.
  • We only use reputable, market leading manufacturers.
  • Efficient service you can trust.
  • All paperwork taken care of to keep the process as simple and smooth for you, the customer.
  • Aftercare you can rely on.


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